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No matter the size of your business, we can provide you with unmatched IT Support you can count on.

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Cloud Hosting

If you're in search of an affordable and dependable hosting solution, our team is here to assist. We recognise that each business has unique cloud hosting needs. Some may find a co-location server, which they own and can access physically when necessary, to be the ideal choice. For other businesses, secure public cloud hosting is sufficient to meet their requirements.

Cloud Backup and Replication

In scenarios demanding dependable backup or replication of your business systems, our team strongly advises the use of cloud solutions. Cloud backup and replication prove to be highly cost-effective, eliminating the need to construct and manage an offsite infrastructure. Many of our clients have successfully restored their critical business data through the implementation of cloud solutions.

Office 365

In this era of remote work, establishing seamless collaboration and remote file access for team members has become increasingly critical. With Office 365, your team can enjoy the advantages of user-friendly tools that promote collaboration. We've assisted numerous clients in enhancing productivity and teamwork by integrating Office 365 into their organisations.


Microsoft Azure offers an ideal platform for crafting and deploying cloud-based solutions. Its comprehensive software capabilities enable us to develop custom-tailored solutions designed specifically to address the challenges your business encounters. Some applications for Azure include setting up virtual machines, expanding data centres, and conducting tests for new systems and software.

Why Us?

Your trusted partner for cutting-edge IT solutions

At Vaycron, we pride ourselves on being your reliable and innovative IT Managed Service Provider of choice. With a deep understanding of your business needs and a commitment to delivering exceptional service, we offer tailored IT solutions that propel your organization forward.

Highly Skilled IT professionals

Our highly skilled team possesses extensive expertise of current and legacy systems whilst also keeping abreast of the latest technologies and best practices.

Robust Infrastructures

We design, implement, and maintain robust IT infrastructures that align with your unique requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency, security, and scalability.

Remote Services & Solutions

We utilize state-of-the-art Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions to effectively manage our clients' infrastructure, meaning we are only a phone call away.

Business Continuity

Our comprehensive services encompass real-time monitoring, proactive support, and a steadfast commitment to maintaining seamless business continuity.

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